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Thinking About Purchasing a Refurbished iPhone? Read THIS FIRST

What is the best place to get a reconditioned iPhone?


That is because a glut of used devices flood the market as people rush to market last year's model so that they can make some money to purchase the new iPhone.


Apple's iPhones are very pricey, particularly new ones. This is the reason lots of people purchase second-hand or reconditioned components, as they are often a hell of a lot cheaper. Additionally, after new iPhone land, the cost of older versions go down considerably less expensive.


Moreover, if you are not 100% sold on Apple's iPhone 7, however, need an upgrade if you are running an old handset, say, the iPhone 5s, a reconditioned iPhone 6s makes a bunch of sense as it'll be a massive update on your old iPhone.


Plus -- the used mobile market is a really popular choice with consumers.

"The worldwide market for refurbished phones which are offered to end users will grow to 120 million units by 2017," notes Gartner, "having an equal wholesale revenue of about $14 billion.


"With consumers in mature markets updating phones every 18 to 20 months the inevitable question is what happens to the older apparatus?"


"While only seven percent of smartphones wind up in official recycling applications, 64 percent get another lease of life with 23 percent being handed down to other users and 41 percent being traded in or sold independently.


"This increase in smartphone reuse will affect not just the sales of new components, but also the revenue flows of all those involved in the smartphone supply chain," continued Ms. Escherich.


"Stakeholders which are already engaging in take-back or trade-in programs will need to have a strategy for turning used apparatus into a positive advantage.


Others -- especially high-end mobile original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) -- need to have a closer look at this market so as to assess the impact these secondhand apparatus will have in their market positions and revenue streams."

ALSO – Apple’s Phasing Out Non-64-bit iPhones


If you are running an iPhone 5 or lower, you are in for a surprise if Apple starts iOS 11 later on this season.


According to reports, iOS 11 won't be accessible on 32-bit iPhones. This means ALL iPhones under the iPhone 5s aren't going to get the update.


Why? Straightforward: Apple's pretty good at supporting old hardware, but there is a time when people need to proceed.


Apple developed iOS for a 64-bit platform. All its own iPhone because 2013 have been 64-bit. It is not 2017, and it is easily a long grace period for older hardware users to upgrade and move forwards.


If you're looking for a strong 64-bit iPhone that will be supported for the following couple of decades, you're the best option is an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus -- if you are on a budget, but need something which really cooks.


So how can you find a fantastic deal on an iPhone?



It then comes down to the simple law of supply and demand: the more people selling used iPhones imply the costs for those using devices fall to be able to entice buyers to purchase theirs rather than someone else's.


While there is no guarantee you won't be ripped off, we have put together this easy guide that will assist you to minimize your risk when purchasing a used iPhone from a stranger.


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The Ideal Place to Purchase Reconditioned iPhones?


There are loads of choices, such as eBay and Amazon, which we discuss further down, but one of my personal favorites its Goal since it only stocks certified handsets and provides a selection of payments, which means that you can spread the cost over a month or two if needs are.


Right, you can now grab a unlocked iPhone 6s Plus (64GB) for $518 -- that is a enormous saving when you consider these telephones are $849 to purchase new.


If an iPhone 6s is more your style you are looking at about $468 for an unlocked 64GB iPhone 6s.


Most individuals don't know you can accomplish this. Hell, I just found out a couple of years back and I am a technology journalist! The logic behind it is sound, however, since you get precisely what you want only for a fraction of the price tag.


It's like getting a new car; it is kind of stupid. The best way is to let someone else take the depreciation hit, and then, when the price has bottomed out, get in there and wind up up a bargain. The same is true for phones, only we are talking about smaller sums of cash.


The iPhone 6 Plus, for example, which remains a very good handset, even by 2017's criteria, can be had for only $398!


In any event, if you are following the best possible reconditioned iPhone, you will need to check out Target.


The coming of the iPhone 8 means that now you can pick up one of its predecessors for less than ever. Now you can get your hands on the iPhone 7 for only #27 a month when you cover #110 upfront at Mobiles.