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Hair Extension Care: a way to Properly look after Hair Extensions


Whether you are new to hair extensions, or have used hair extensions within the past, it is often a decent plan to refresh your memory on a way to touch upon and pay attention of your set.

After all, the higher care your hair extensions receive, the longer they're going to last you. And hey, do not we tend to all need hair on fleek for as long as possible?

In this week's web log post, we'll walk you thru all of our Hair extension care, tips and tricks to make sure your set lives an extended and happy life. Our experience is in clip-in hair extensions, however, generally, ought to be applicable to most forms of prime quality human remy hair.

With regular care and a focus, you'll guarantee your extensions last as long as attainable and keep wanting healthy. So, if you wish to be told a way to best pay attention of your clip-in hair extensions, scan on to find all of our greatest care tips and tricks!


The life of Hair Extensions

With most care, your hair extensions will last up to a year or perhaps longer, betting on however typically they're worn.

The a lot of you wash and magnificence your extensions, the shorter their life are going to be, thus keep laundry and victimization further merchandise to a minimum.

The necessary factor to recollect is that your hair extensions don’t have a natural association supply like your own hair will, thus keeping them moisturized and reducing status is crucial.

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Storing Hair Extensions


It’s very necessary you get into a decent routine along with your hair extensions from the beginning, as a result of smart habits = longer lasting extensions. the gorgeous pink hold in that your Luxies arrive to you in will truly be re-used to store your hair extensions.




When prepping your hair extensions for storage, we tend to advocate to collect all the hair along and thoroughly brush out the extensions from all-time low of the hair slowly operating upwards.

If you come upon a very bothersome knot, do away with the individual woof and brush it through gently. continually be light once brushing your extensions to cut back shedding and breakage.

Once you have got brushed your extensions out, use a hair tie to secure the hair getting ready to the bottom of the woof as a coiffure, then gently roll the extensions into a circle and place into the box.

Quick tip: you'll conjointly gently knot the hair along if you wish a light-weight wave running throughout the hair consecutive time you wear your extensions.


Preventing Tangling

Luxy Hair extensions ar fabricated from 100 percent remy human hair. All hair extensions, however, will and should tangle - it's traditional and to be expected.

The rationale being is as a result of tangles ar caused by the friction of your natural hair rubbing against your hair extensions, that is why we tend to ne'er advocate you sleep, shower or swim along with your extensions in. this may solely combine all the hair along and build knots.

The best thanks to keep your extensions tangle-free is to stay on prime of normal brushing. continually have a paddle surface hand so even once you’re out and regarding you'll still offer your hair a fast run through. certify you sweep your extensions each time you apply and take away them.


How to cut back Shedding

On average, your natural hair can shed more or less one hundred strands every day, and since our hair extensions ar fabricated from natural hair, you'll expect some shedding throughout its life.

Each time you sweep or vogue your extensions there'll be lightweight shedding, thus don’t be stunned or upset once this happens. This, however, doesn't mean to cut back the number you sweep your extensions. you'll minimize shedding in different ways in which.

Washing your extensions an excessive amount of can dry out the hair which can cause them to shed. The a lot of merchandise you employ, the a lot of you may ought to wash your extensions, therefore the best thanks to cut back shedding is to use a lowest quantity of merchandise once styling your hair.

Your extensions have a stunning, healthy end already thus you shouldn’t want a lot of product to fancy them.

If you wish a lot of hold once curling your extensions, attempt promise up the curls associate degreed departure them nightlong or perhaps only for an hour to make sure the curls keep in situ while not the employment of hairspray.

If you are doing need to achieve for hairspray, take into account a light-weight formula that you'll still simply brush through. additional strength hairsprays can choke off your extensions, which suggests a lot of laundry.