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Live Wedding Music on a Budget

Have you ever thought of having live music at your wedding? If so, you may need to review your budget as hiring live music at a wedding can cost a good deal of money.

However, there are ways to fit the live music in your budget. Try to consult a wedding music agency for a live performance. They can help you choose a wedding violinist and save you a lot of money at the same time.

Considering a string trio

When it comes to hiring live string music for a wedding, you may think of a band of four wedding violinists.

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Choosing 4 musicians at a wedding can be expensive. But if you try to go for three, you can save you up to 25%. Well, it all depends on the kind of music you want to play at the wedding. If the music you want can be played by a duo then consider a duo to save another 25%.

Solo violin wedding music

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If your budget is short and you cannot afford a trio or even a duo, you can consider a solo musician. Choosing a solo musician at a wedding is the best idea if you are short on budget.

You can also consider a classical guitarist or a harpist at the wedding. Usually, they cost far less than a duo or trio. The music played on the violin is always sweet and suits most weddings. The solo musicians are often a talking point for your guests as it is a bit unusual.

Try not to consider students

Be cautious about considering a student band at your wedding. They can help cut your costs but hiring a student band as “playing with fire”. Most of the students are not professionals and do not know how to behave properly.

You cannot ask them for running your venue or taking care of your food. The local student band is not recommended. We know that they can be cheap but they are not professional.

If you really want to go with students, make sure they are from music schools. It is better to hire a low performer than an amateur wedding violinist.

PA system

Most of the bands use a pa system which can be very great. It can help the musician play the music while they are packing away or when they are having a break. It can help you save your money for a DJ.

Moreover, don’t hesitate when it comes to negotiating with the band. For instance, if  you have just 500$ budget for the music, consult the band to see what they can do in the budget. Just be creative and ask them to manage some format out of your budget.

Modern violin wedding songs

There are many modern wedding songs you can play at your wedding. Ask your wedding violinist to play the latest violin wedding songs. Moreover, you can also search on the internet for modern songs and tell the musicians to play them.

How to get the most out of your wedding music

If you want a live music at your wedding and do not know what to do, do not worry. We have some great ideas for you in your budget. Having a live music at your wedding is not difficult, you need to consider something and need to think carefully.

If your wedding is in the summer then the price will be very high as it is a peak season for wedding.

Wedding violinist is mostly busy in the season and they will choose the offer that suits them best. On the other hand, if your marriage is happening in off season there is more room for a concession.

So, these are a few tips that can help you have live music at your wedding on a budget.