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The ways to get piano, violin and guitar lessons at home

Music is the language of feelings which always brings pleasure to us. It serves a magical effect on our soul and that is why it is also considered as food for the soul.  Music is more than just enjoying; it is the whole world of creativity.


Learning to play different musical instruments brings you many benefits whether it is enhancing your memory, increasing your social circle, relieving stress or building confidence. At some age, every one of us dreamt of becoming a musician.

Is learning to play music also your dream that never happened?? Well, you have to worry no more because learning to play musical instruments like guitar, piano and violin is easy and simple than ever.

You don’t have to go to expensive music schools or private classes; you can learn it at home. You can start at any age and time with any instrument. Your success depends on your level of commitment and practice. There are many ways through which you can get the piano, violin and guitar lessons at home.

Get a home tutor

Finding a home tutor in your area is the best choice to learn music at home. It is the most effective way for beginners as they need proper time and attention to learn.


You can find a teacher in your area or there are many online websites which provide a personal assistant for piano, guitar, and violin lessons. The home tutor also helps you to save your time and money.

Register for the online course

If you find it difficult to take out time for formal learning lessons, an online musical course is an answer for you. It is the best option if you are a motivated self-learner.


In online courses, you will find many options like videos, books and chat with experts, especially for beginner students.  Some of the courses are free and for some, you have to pay. You can register course online for piano, guitar, and violin lessons.

Search for tutorial videos

Pick your instrument whether it is piano, guitar or violin and start searching for online tutorial lessons. The tutorial videos are divided into chapters and lessons.


It covers the basics like including scale, rhythm, and harmony as well as advanced concepts of chords and intervals. These videos are the most efficient way if you can’t afford to go to expensive music classes.

Different music Apps and Software

It is important for beginners to get help from extra resources for learning piano, guitar, and violin.  There are a lot of apps available which can assist you in your lesson and help you learn it at home. The apps and software programs give you the visualization of tools.


The apps help you to select the scale and give you instruction on how to play a specific instrument.

You can use the apps even without instruments. In case of piano lessons, the app software tells which keys you should select to make a perfect tune. And if you are taking violin and guitar lessons, it tells you when to hit a specific chord.


Practice is one of the most essential factors in learning musical instruments. Whether you are getting a piano, violin and guitar lesson, the practice has a huge impact on your progress.


Make a log of your day to day learning which should include what you have played, pieces you practiced and total time spent. It helps you to focus and motivate to learn more. No matter which instruments you are learning develop a deliberate practice technique.

Learning to play musical instruments needs proper commitment and dedication. Also, don't forget to spend some time alone practicing. By choosing the above ways and practice techniques, anyone can learn to play piano, guitar, and violin regardless of your age.