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Safe Repairers and Locksmiths

Safe repairers and locksmiths open, change and repair locks, install safes and repair them, change safe combinations, and make keys.

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A locksmith is someone you call when you face some kind of lock related problem. Locksmiths can install, modify and repair locks, cut new keys for previously installed locks, and take care of the physical functions of different locks that protect vehicles, homes, safes, commercial buildings, and other properties.

Locksmiths can work on locks of many different types. They may open up a lock to find the cause of the malfunction and use a number of small tools to fix it. They do repairs either on-site or in a proper workshop.

Some locksmiths also sell, install, and service safes for both homes and businesses. They often do the testing and maintenance of safes and several other security measures used in banks. Related hardware, which includes vault doors, teller machines, safe deposit boxes, and timer systems might also need the services of locksmiths.

The job hours of a locksmith are often odd, as most of them offer emergency services. They often answer calls from people who have either lost their keys or have locked themselves out of their vehicle or home. They also work with emergency services or local law enforcement to get access to a place in an emergency.

Become a Locksmith

Education and training:

  • Entry-level education: High school diploma or equivalent
  • Related work experience: None
  • On-the-job training: long-term

To get a locksmith’s job entails doing courses in a number of subjects, including mechanical drawing, metalworking, electronics, mathematics, English, and business. It is essential to have a proper working knowledge of electronics and electricity for locksmiths who will work to install safes, security systems, and the like.

Traditionally, a training for locksmiths includes hands-on work, usually directed by an experienced locksmith. A number of locksmith programs offer classroom instructions, hands-on training, and at the end, a locksmith certificate and degree.

A locksmith school can last for 3 months to 4 years, depending on the degree of education and expertise required to deal a particular sector. Certifications and education are offered by locksmith schools, lock manufacturers, and such organizations.

Several states require their locksmiths to be bonded and licensed. Locksmiths should maintain extensive work records and a proper inventory. Those locksmiths who wish to develop their own business will benefit by getting a business degree, in addition to their locksmith training.

Locksmith salaries

A locksmith’s income depends on the area in which one is working, type of calls one is handling, and hours one is devoting to the profession. More experience means more potential for income.