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An Excellent Driving Experience with Ford Focus 2019

If you planning to a buy a car thing than let me tell you that you are at a right place because today I’m going to tell you about the new amazing ford focus 2019.

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The new ford focus 2019 is finally out. You won’t believe how ford has changed the specs and design in their new addition.

All these qualities of this car are surely blow your mind and convince you automatically to buy this car of the year. The awesome hatch back was released in Germany and people got to see its amazing sleeker body, new design and enhanced interior.

Face of the car

The face of the ford focus 2019 is completely changed from the older version. Believe me if you then remove the ford oval badge from the front, you won’t even recognize that it’s a ford’s car.

The designs of the highlights, the front bonnet, and the front face of the car; ford has change the entire face of their new car.  The 2019 model is far sleeker than the all the recent models of ford, with upscale new headlights, a bigger, progressively particular grille, and relying upon the trim.

This car is best to use in foggy weather because it has mist lights and LED running strips that will make you drive easily in bad weather as well.

The sides of the ford focus 2019


It more looks like a sporty car because of its new side designs. The design of ford focus 2019 is slightly longer than the older model. The ford focus has a wheel base that come out a more 2 inches than the older version’s car that gives it an aggressive look and it looks like a sporty can.

Not only the wheel base is changed but this car is sleeker. It has classy windows that give the car an extraordinary cool look. The door holders are changed. They have changed those boring door handlers with classy holders that give this car a classy look from the sides.

Interior of the ford focus 2019


The interior of this model is slightly changed from the previous models. It has a tablet-style LED screen that is located just on the top of the sleek dashboard. Moreover the ac windows are located on the sides of this LED.

The ford focus separates the volume and ration controls from A/C controls by adjusting the A/C controls on the side of the LED screen.

The new gear system


How can I forget to tell you about the most amazing feature of this car? The ford focus 2019 has an automatic gear system which means that this is an automatic car. Ford focus has a rotatory gear system for the first time in automatic version. This car is full power pack model.