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Everything you need to know before Purchasing a Secondhand iPhone


If you're searching for a superior iPhone but do not need to break the bank becoming one brand new from Apple, you are not alone. Daily countless Canadians save big by purchasing a used iPhone.


After the purchase is finished, there is hardly any chance you're ever going to hear from the vendor.


Firms like Orchard are all available to remove that threat. A thorough review of every telephone, a free 30-day guarantee, and unmatched customer service mean that you are certain to become happy with your purchase.


If you are dead-set on conserving a little using online classifieds nevertheless, you need to understand what you are getting into. Equip yourself with the info you will have to prevent making a purchase which you will regret.


Pick which iPhone is Perfect for you



When you see a website like Kijiji, you are presented with thousands of listings along with the number of distinct mobiles available is overpowering. To restrict your choices, it is important that you know beforehand just what you're searching for.


If you have settled on purchasing a secondhand iPhone, the next step is to determine which version is the best match for you. To assist with this, we have assembled a fast quiz which will allow you to understand precisely which iPhone matches your special needs.



The blacklist is a database of mobiles which were reported as discharged. After a phone is blacklisted, it won't have the ability to link to any network.


The telephone will appear to be running perfectly, however, the minute you pop in your SIM card, then you will not have the ability to connect to a carrier. Should this happen, you've basically purchased a very costly iPod.


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Check the IMEI 


To avert this ordeal, then you must always request the IMEI number of the phone before you match up. An IMEI is a special identification number for your apparatus.


The blacklist is a list of prohibited IMEI number, therefore this is precisely what you want to check the telephone hasn't yet been reported stolen.


Enter the IMEI, hit search, and you're going to know in seconds when the telephone's been recorded as stolen.


As soon as you match with the vendor, it is vital to ensure they provide you with the real IMEI for this telephone. In the event the number displayed matches the amount they gave you, then you ought to be in the clear.


Understand the risk 


Obviously, there is no way to ensure that the phone will not be recorded stolen after you have purchased the phone.


If the seller gets the telephone under insurance, then they may report the telephone as discharged once they have offered it to you. They stand to get a little bit of cash, and you stand to eliminate using your mobile phone.


After a telephone finishes up on the telephone, just the individual that originally reported it stolen may have it eliminated. If you wind up getting a blacklisted mobile, you may try calling the vendor, but odds are you'll be out of luck.


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 Activation Lock




Aside from the blacklist, it is also possible to be prevented from utilizing an iPhone via an activation lock, which can be connected to an Apple ID.


When the activation lock is set up, the Apple ID passcode would need to be input to open up the telephone after it was reset.


Fortunately, there's a foolproof way to tell whether the activation lock is permitted in an iPhone -- attempt to trigger it! To do it, you ought to get a SIM card, so be certain that you have one with you once you satisfy the vendor.


When it has been flashed, pop in your SIM card and initiate the activation procedure. If at this stage you are asked to put in an Apple ID and passcode to move, then the activation lock remains busy on the telephone.


This does not automatically indicate that the vendor is attempting to unload a stolen telephone on you. It might just be that they did not recognize that the activation lock was on. If that is true, request them to trace these measures to take out the lock.