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Canadian Facts & History for Kids

Canadian Facts for Kids


The Canadian men and women are known as Canadians. The majority of the Canadian households have origins in England and France, as throughout the British and French colonized the nation and thus lots of families out of the old world' immigrated into Canada.


Nearly half of the populace can speak both languages. In Quebec also almost half of the masses is bilingual, meaning they are ready to talk both words fluently.


  • Nearly 90 percent of Canadians live within 200km/125miles of their Canada-USA border!
  • Main languages are French and English
  • Inuit are just one set of Canada's native people
  • Life expectancy at birth is 81 years
  • Literacy Rate is 99 percent

One of the most famous people in Canada would be the Métis, the First Nations People, and the Inuit.




The native people in northern Canada are known as Inuit'. Inuit individuals that were known as Eskimos' formerly but this title isn't suitable and pejorative.


The Inuit reside today in contemporary homes but construct igloos, particularly when searching. The Inuit kids visit the community's colleges, but there are no schools from the North.


So if the kids opt to go on researching, they must leave their villages and proceed to college cities. From the Inuit language, the composing text was just started in the 19th century until they mostly used symbols for composing.



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Canadian History for Kids


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