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Crowdfunded Musical Idea Involving Rare Violins Got Success


As far as Stradivari violins are concerned, Colin Maki not only loves the fine music and artistry but also considers them as a commercial idea that can keep rising in value.


According to Mr Maki, the value of the popular Stradivari violins has never come down. He is a popular USA-based violin dealer who has been to China many times.


According to a report from Rare Violins of New York, the yearly ROI of violins by the well-known Italian Stradivari family is 14%, give or take. This was just the beginning.


The popular violin brands, such as Guarneri del Gesu, Stradivari and Giovani Battista Guadagnin are the top brands. One violin of any of these brands can cost you as much as a good Manhattan apartment. Electric violins are also popular among those who love the electric violin music.


The prices are so high because of less supply and more demand. Today, you can find only 140 Guarneri del Gesu vioins and 600 Stradivari musical instruments.


With these instruments, rich investors have enjoyed higher ROI than the US bonds. You can enjoy the prices of these instruments go up as time goes by, says Maki.


Maki travels from one country to another meeting different people and closing several deals.

Maki usually does business with American and European clients. Not many Chinese can afford these musical instruments.


Recently, the demand for musical instruments is rising in Asian countries like South Korea, China and Japan. That’s one reason that the price of these musical instruments is going up.


Aside from professional dealers, many domestic amateurs also bring rare instruments to music enthusiasts in China. Two musicians of Beijing were about to organize a 12-month violin crowd-funding program.


Apart from professional dealers who have years of experience, some domestic amateurs are trying to bring rare investment collections to common music lovers in China. For example, two Beijing musicians were on the verge of completing a one-year violin crowd-funding programme in March, the first of its kind in the country.


A Beijing-based legal consultant and a violinist Zhang Maolun has worked on the idea of presenting rare musical instruments to more and more people.


Zhang Maolun shared the idea with Song Liqiang, an avid cellist. He ran an instrument shop in Beijing. The purpose of their crowd-funding campaign was to collect 500,000 yuan or £56,720. They assured that the investors would get an awesome ROI after an year.


According to their scheme, the investors would loan them to lease a violin for 12 months. And during this time, their aim was to look for the next purchaser who could offer them a higher amount. This way they could earn a good deal of profit to share with the investors as well.


They achieve real success after a popular Chinese violinist/professor commissioned Song so that he could sell his violin in his shop. The professor took a photo with people who took part in the crowdfunded sale of the instrument.


This is how the crowdfunded idea helped the two violin enthusiasts earn a lot of money and success.

So, this was the story. It’s quite popular among those who attend violin concerts across the globe.