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Muladhara (Root) : The First Chakra

The first chakra, Muladhara, also called the Root chakra. It lies at the base of your spine, the 1st three vertebrae, and the pelvic floor. It controls your sense of security and safety on your earthly journey. Its name came from a Sanskrit word in which ‘Mula’ means ‘root’ and ‘Adhara’ means ‘base’ or ‘support’.




The Root chakra is the first important chakra. The opening of the chakras above it depends on the state of its balance. The Root chakra imbalance will affect the strength of the chakras above.


It is like laying a house’s foundation. If a strong foundation built over the firm soil will give you the stability needed to make a house filled with joy.


The root chakra comprises of everything that grounds you to stability. These things include your very basic needs like water, food, safety, and shelter.

Root chakra imbalance

In case of imbalance of the root chakra, you will probably experience fears, nightmares or anxiety disorders. Its physical symptoms could be a problem with the bladder, in the colon, with elimination. There could also be issues with your lower back, feet or legs.

How you can balance the Root chakra

Meditations connect you to a greater spiritual plane and grounds you to the Earth. You cannot always trust the world and its people to provide you with everything that you need to live. But, your belief in your greater self and your trust in powers that are superior will make you feel safe and secure.


What you call that higher power doesn’t matter. It can be consciousness, spirit, God, or mother nature. Your connection to the universal energy will give you peace, and stability.

Try it out

The sense that is linked to the Root chakra is ‘smell’. When you meditate try to focus on the edge (tip) of your nose. It will help in aligning the root. It will also bring forward the qualities that are needed to balance the Root chakra.

Asanas, gems, colors, and sounds

There are a number of more ways to open a root chakra that is imbalanced or blocked. These can gems, colors, mantras, and yoga.

To align and open an imbalanced chakra, the yoga Asanas that can help are the following:

  1. Knee to chest pose (pavanamuktasana)
  2. Janu Sirsanaana (head to knee pose)
  3. Lotus flexion (padmasana)
  4. Malasana (squatting pose

Kegel exercises can also be practiced by women. Bandha yoga can be done by both men and women. In it, you tighten or lock certain body areas to help add strength and strong energy to the first chakra.


Toning and chanting sounds are also helpful in bringing the balance back to the chakra. It is similar to how music brings together people. By sounds, vibrations are created in the body. These vibrations, in turn, help the body cells to work together in a harmony. The mantra that is linked with the root chakra in LAM.


Lastly, gems and colors also help the in root chakra imbalance. The rock of root chakra is red. Bloodstone, black tourmaline, red jasper, and garnet are the first chakra gemstones. To open and align the chakra, lie down and hold the gems over the chakra position in the body.


Remember that Deepak Chopra said, “You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.”