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Shopify Inventory Management for Creators and Manufacturers

An ever-increasing number of crafters, producers, and small manufacturers around the globe are setting up their own web stores. Why? Since selling on the web online has turned out to be so natural and has numerous advantages.

Customers have direct access, prompt feedback on your items and customer services, in addition to you don't need to give away an edge to traders and re-sellers. That’s why customers choose Shopify Inventory Management System.

Most creators, crafters, and small manufacturers pick Shopify as their go-to online business platform within excess of 800,000 stores and counting. It's easy to set up and simple to run. In any case, a Shopify inventory management software is perfect, but there's one vital component missing.


To save time and cash for all small producer, crafters, and creators selling holographic clothing on Shopify. In this article, we will discover how Smart Workshop Software like Katana cooperates with Shopify store for Management on Shopify POS.

Background of Shopify POS Platform

The internet business and e-commerce giant Shopify may have begun in a humble producer's garage, yet fast development has seen the number of sellers on the Shopify Inventory management platform burst from 6,000 to more than 800,000 in under 10 years.

At present the online market adds to just a margin below of 10% of worldwide trade sales, however, this is just going to rise, especially with web utilization expanding crosswise over Asia, Africa, and South America.

As a nation, the US makes the second most noteworthy number of online buys every year, after China. Purchasing on the web online from different countries is getting more common. A 2016 survey of 13,000 overall clients indicated 57% had as of late purchased something from abroad. 

Shopify is broadly viewed as best amongst other online platforms stage intended for small to medium-sized organizations. It enables anyone to make their very own online store.

The capacity to make a lovely online store effortlessly makes it an unquestionable requirement have for small creators, craftsman, producers, and manufacturers to get their products into the worldwide commercial center using inventory management for Shopify.

Shopify has Inventory Management?  

Does Shopify have a ready-made inventory management system? This is the question that is asked by many small makers and manufacturers selling through Shopify.

Yes, it has and no it doesn’t.

The following tracking functionality integrated with Shopify is fine in case you're simply reselling. The standard Shopify include just tracks the stock originating from a supplier and being sold to order.

However, the organizations that influence their very own products to have a more complex stream, more often than not discovering Shopify inventory management fundamental features to be lacking.

We have good news for you! There’s a better way to manage your practices if you use Excel to keep track of your production and inventory.

You will never miss a due date and you'll generally have the appropriate measure of materials available in the inventory. Shopify Inventory management can be taken care of similarly it can for your whole business with Smart Workshop Software like Katana.

Katana naturally gets all requests from Shopify and enables you to design and deal with your raw materials stock and manufacturing process.

Let’s look at what Shopify fundamental features for inventory management does before we dive deeper into the inventory management.

Know to Track Shopify Inventory Management — The Fundamentals

Shopify anticipates that you will set up the following and modifying of stock in your Shopify account yourself. Accordingly, numerous Shopify dealers simply manage without all the stock of Shopify inventory management system includes that are offered as standard.

Shopify anticipates that you will set up the following and changing of stock in your Shopify account yourself. Therefore, numerous Shopify merchants simply manage without all the Shopify inventory management system includes features that are offered as standard. To set it up you have to do the following to enable transfers.

  • Go to your Shopify admin;
  • Select one of your product variants and click on “Edit”;
  • From this window, go to the “Inventory” section and find the “Inventory Policy” drop-down menu;
  • Choose “Shopify Tracks this Product’s Inventory”.
  • Save your changes.

You can set Shopify to get stock for this specific SKU after you have set up a transfer for one of your products. You can tap on "Add Transfer" to set the number of items anticipated that would be provided into your Shopify inventory management system. But after all, it's as simple as that.

Most small producers, craftsman, and crafters deal with their raw materials, stock, item recipes and creation processes in substantial, slack Excel sheets. Be that as it may, don't stress - there's no compelling reason to toss your PC out the window yet.

External stock management has turned into a reasonable alternative to resolve the problems in Shopify inventory management system. Katana was planned with an emphasis on total Shopify incorporation since the very beginning. It's a great opportunity to transform your workshop into a powerful workshop.

Set up Katana Inventory Management by Plugging into Shopify

Give us a chance to take you through the way toward integrating your Katana account with your Shopify store. To follow and take an example, a Shopify store for leather accessories, with three sorts of items: slingback bags, totes and wrap wallets and know how this plugin sets out to be best Shopify Inventory Management.